A Guy Called Dad

"A Guy Called Dad" tells the story of what it's like having a mentally ill family member and how it affects you.

“A Guy Called Dad”
By Kacey Arnold

How does a nice Jewish girl from Westchester, NY wind up with a Dad who looks like the love child of Tommy Chong and Jim Ignatowstki from “Taxi?” Could be dumb luck, drugs, or some combination, but in this case mental illness is to blame - namely, schizophrenia.

A GUY CALLED DAD: A DAUGHTER’S JOURNEY is a documentary that takes a unique, intimate look at schizophrenia and how it affects one daughter’s relationship with her father. Producer/Director Kacey Arnold guides us through the world of mental illness with a sensitivity and humor that only a family member could lend. In the process, she gives us a peek into a world most are not allowed into -- or never want to enter.

Kacey documents her journey as she struggles to deal with her father's illness and the roller coaster of emotions that come with it. She uses the film to address questions like: How does a brilliant man get lost between the cracks? How do you repair a relationship damaged by an illness that may never improve? How do you work through the resulting denial and guilt? How do you help improve your father’s standard of living when there is intense resistance to change? What kind of resources are out there for you and your mentally ill parent? If your father is no more than ‘a guy called dad,’ how much do you owe a man you hardly know?

“Schizophrenia is a serious and challenging medical illness that affects well over 2 million American adults, which is about 1 percent of the population age 18 and older. Although it is often feared and misunderstood, schizophrenia is a treatable medical condition.” (National Alliance On Mental Illness)

The documentary utilizes Kacey and her father as a lens that focuses on the difficulties of living with a brain illness and the challenge to keep these vulnerable citizens safe. This is Kacey’s first step in raising awareness and making this often taboo subject more accessible. She dreams of starting a foundation (The Dowd Foundation) vested in the ongoing care of her dad and people like him.

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